Prenatal Yoga Lesson

Modern Movement for Pregnancy
Mindful Birth Management

Actively preparing for Birth

Pregnancy Pilates Classes in North Somerset

Building endurance, strength and flexibility of the body ...... and the mind.

My classes are 75 minutes long and run in 6 week blocks 

The first 6 Week block includes 40 minutes of Pilates 15 minutes of Relaxation and 20 minutes of Antenatal Education

Or you can just come along to the Pilates Classes & Relaxation 55 minutes

The Benefits of Exercise in Pregnancy

Movement is Medicine

  • Reduction in back pain and other pregnancy related aches and pains.

  • Improves posture during pregnancy

  • Better Circulation 

  • Can improve the digestive system

  • Creates endurance & improves energy levels 

  • Helps with strength reserves and aids recovery in the postnatal period

  • Can improve mood and enhance wellbeing

  • Reduces risk of water retention

  • Helps control excessive weight gain

  • Promotes relaxation and aids sleep

  • Can help to balance the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis. 

  • This research states that rates of C-section, epidural and episiotomy can be reduced.

  • Improves pelvic floor and core strength

  • Meet other mum's to be 

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